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5GW and Norwegian Terrorism

December 17, 2013

The atrocities committed against innocent civilians in the recent terrorist attacks in Norway shows how much harm and disruption one person can do against an unprepared society. Is the attack a precursor for a general transformation and individualization of terrorism?

According to the evolution of military theory advanced surveillance, intelligence and sophisticated weaponry is useless against terrorists like Anders Behring Breivik (ABB). This was confirmed by the chief of the Norwegian chief of internal security (PST) admitting that even the STASI secret police couldn’t have stopped the attack.

The use of the internet, improvised explosives (IED), ambushes and random attacks on military infrastructure caught the US military, with the most expensive army of the world off guard. After 9/11 the term “asymmetrical warfare” became all the rage and 4th generational warfare was born. Ten years later a new breed of warfare is dawning on a still clueless police and military.

Modern warfare has become more like an orchestrated media propaganda operation and less like traditional gut wrenching bloody warfare. Are we observing the birth of the next generation of unrestricted warfare? Is this the birth of a 5th generation of terrorism and warfare?

Terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik (ABB) seems to have many characteristics of your intelligent, well-integrated super-empowered individual. Planning alone for 7 years ABB infiltrated both political parties (FrP) and the Freemasons without detection. His disappointment with these organizations seems to have further radicalized his world view.

Social and ideological isolation seems to have fueled his hatred for society. ABB used rudimentary chemicals for the production of a weapons grade fertilizer bomb. After blowing up the government HQ he proceeds to the youth summer camp of the ruling Labour Party and kills 69 innocent teenagers and young adults, the future leadership of the party.

This cynical double-edged attack against the soft “systempunkt” of the unprotected government HQ and the future political leaders at Utøya is chillingly calculated in its planning and execution. The police still have no indications of involvement of other individuals in contrast to ABBs statements of “other cells”. Apart from police incompetence there are no obvious signs of a false-flag operation.

The first manifestation of distributed network-based attacks against military units came with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The resistance to foreign military powers came from the loose knit international networks of Al-Qaeda consisting of mostly under-privileged individuals without formal military training.

The characteristics of ABB seem to be that of a “super-
empowered individual” driven by the lack of recognition and attention while feeding on the delusion of a global anti-immigration and anti-Islam movement supporting his “cause”. In this incident “the cause” is the defense of Judeo-Christian culture against a supposedly looming Jihadic annihilation.

Norway has lost its innocence and has woken up to a new global reality threatened by new breed of terrorism. The proliferation and development of synthetic biology, robotics and DIY techniques demand a new approach by the intelligence community. This is the age of the homegrown low tech self radicalized ideological super-empowered solo terrorist.

1. Janne Kristiansen, head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), admitting obsolescence against the likes of ABB – even with neural implants and STASI-like surveillance:NRK
2. Swedish man arrested for trying to build nuclear reactor in his kitchen: AP
3. Unrestricted Warfare – Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui

Co-published on Interesting Times. 

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