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New World Economics: Simulations Controlling Reality in 2007

September 19, 2007

As of December 2006, the richest 2% of Earth humans owned more than half of the planet’s wealth. I suspect the numbers on that are a bit slippery, but the fact it’s anywhere close to that level of inequality is still disturbing. The feedback OODA loop of John Boyd has created a strange situation that humans have never faced before. When you can capture data on huge complex systems — like economies, crowds, nations, weather systems — and use that data to guide future decisions, that’s fairly normal government. What’s unprecedented is the speed of the feedback loop, when technocrats can accurately assess the results of their actions, in real time.

This is not particularly science fiction. I’ve disussed aspects of the surveillance state before, but I am far from an expert and the field is vast and mostly secretive. I would point you towarads recent articles at Global Research and Cryptogon for more knowledgeable takes on the surveillance enclosure. The peeks we do get are signifigant, such as the Sentient World Simulator that DARPA and Simulex have been working on, which is a fully-functional model of planet Earth, all it’s nations, and their people. The system is based off an earlier technology called Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation (SEAS), which markets this super-computer power to the corporate world.

Source: Skilluminati Research.

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