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Forecasts for the Next 25 Years

September 19, 2007

The Futurist has published forcasts on global change the coming 25 years in their recent newsletter (“Forcasts for the Next 25 Years“). Compared to more radical molecular manufacturing and transhumanist groups the World Future Society represent main-stream futurism. So if this is the most conservative estimate on cognitive technologies we should be in for some mind-expanding times:

Forecast #4: We’ll incorporate wireless technology into our thought processing by 2030. In the next 25 years, we’ll learn how to augment our 100 trillion very slow interneuronal connections with high-speed virtual connections via nanorobotics. This will allow us to greatly boost our pattern-recognition abilities, memories, and overall thinking capacity, as well as to directly interface with powerful forms of computer intelligence and to each other. By the end of the 2030s, we will be able to move beyond the basic architecture of the brain’s neural regions.

Source: WFS.


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