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Scrutinizing New Nukes

April 30, 2007

A comprehensive examination of U.S. nuclear weapons policies should be undertaken before the government proceeds beyond the initial stages of producing a new nuclear weapon, says a report from an expert panel of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)….. 

The AAAS panel, which consists mostly of former DOE weapons lab officials, generally supports the program’s initial phase, but it says the Bush Administration should lead a “policy framework discussion” about nuclear weapons before moving further, according to C. Bruce Tarter, AAAS group leader and a former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory director.

“What are nuclear weapons for, and how many do we need?” are questions that should be asked, Tarter says. “We do not believe the program can succeed without that kind of top-down discussion.

“Redoing the [nuclear weapons] complex is a major program that will take 25 years or three, four, five administrations and a dozen Congresses, and so we believe it has to have a bipartisan basis to carry it for that long,” he continues.

Source: Chemical & Engineering News

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